1. What are the requirements and benefits of registering as a user?

To register as a user, you will need to submit evidence of affiliation with an organisation or institution engaged in research, education or practice. An individual will need to provide contact details and assume responsibility for the ethical conduct of the use of the survey tool and data. Use of the tool must be in accordance with strict ethical principles as well as respect for individual participants data protection rights. Please see the Terms and Conditions for details of the terms of use.

As a registered user, you will gain access to the researcher workspace, where you will be able to create and manage test groups, customize survey questions, and carry out surveys to your selected group of respondents.

  • Your respondents will receive their personal profile results in a graphic form looking like this. In addition, they receive a small info sheet on the meaning of the five dimensions and what kind of exercises they can do to improve their future consciousness.
  • The customization of survey allows for up to 200 additional questions to be added in a variety of formats typical in survey research. The custom questions can be saved and edited easily as a set.
  • As a test coordinator, you will get access to a summary report of the results from your test group that looks like this. The report includes the average results and distributions of the groups responses on the five dimensions of the Futures Consciousness. The results from your test group can also be obtained for research purposes in a CSV format from the site administrators.