Welcome to use the Futures Consciousness Profile Test Tool

The test tool is available for practitioners and researchers all over the world. Interested users need to register and be prepared to demonstrate their affiliation with a research/educational organization. Please be patient as due to our limited resources, approval of registration may take 1-10 days. Do note that during the Finnish holiday periods from 1 July to 5 August and 22nd December to 7th January the processing of registrations is halted.

All users are charged a database management fee, see Pricing. We offer generous discounts to students and independent research projects. The funds from the management fees are used for the maintenance and further development of the database.
After registering as a user you will be able to access the following functions:

  • Create your own test groups so you can
    – Collect your own futures consciousness data from a group of respondents
    – Grant access to the test to your students or workshop participants and use the results for pedagogical purposes
  • Configure additional questions to the survey to pursue your own research set-up
  • See the results from your test groups summarized in a report
  • Have your test participants see their own results in personal profiles
  • Retrieve your data in .csv format ready to be analysed with third party software (available only to selected researchers)

It is advisable to use the test in the respondents’ native language. See here which languages are currently available. If you are interested in translating the test to a language not yet available, read more about that here.