A measure of futures consciousness should never be taken as a concrete and definitive value. The results of psychometric tests – even the best ones – are only ever a sketch of a multifaceted reality. Therefore caution should be exercised when results are interpreted, especially at personal level.

That said, the FC test is a scientifically validated psychometric test, and those who make use of statistical analysis or psychometric tools for individual assessment, may find the test useful as well as entertaining. For example, an organiser of a futures workshop may have participants analyse and reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses regarding FC. This could be in the form of a first step towards empowering a young student or an analytical way for a senior futurist to identify blind spots. A researcher of psychological phenomena may find it interesting to compare the impacts of high FC in political behaviour or an educator to study the impacts of a course on their students.

The Futures Consciousness Test

The 20 item Futures Consciousness Test is a composite psychometric test that gives a measurement of an individual’s futures consciousness across five dimensions. The responses are on a 5-point Likert scale (1 = “not at all like me” and 5 = “very much like me”). The most recent iteration of the FC Test is incorporated into the FC Test Tool available to registered users.

The FC Test Tool

The FC Test Tool is available through the registered user dashboard. It provides access to the FC Test, as well as test group management functions. Users can view the results of tests taken by their group as a visualisation that enables comparison and analysis. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete in its basic form. For more information please see the Using the Test section.

The FC Profile

The Test Tool can produce an individual FC Profile for respondents, who then can receive immediate feedback on their results. This profile can be printed or saved from the webpage. When used for personal development or educational purposes, the test results should be explained to and discussed with the group by the teacher/practitioner. To see an example of the FC Profile please see the Example Report section. The individual FC Profiles can also be hidden so the test tool can be used for research or assessment purposes.

The Five Dimensions of Futures Consciousness

The FC Test Tool measures the Five Dimensions of Futures Consciousness, which are: Time Perspective; Agency Beliefs; Openness to Alternatives; Systems Perception; and Concern for Others. This conceptual framework was developed through explorative analysis of related futures research literature and has been validated through analysis of related constructs from the field of psychology. For more information see the Scientific Basis section.

Empirical Basis

The FC scale has been established as a reliable and valid psychometric test based on the responses of over 3000 participants. It has been demonstrated to be applicable across international contexts (Finland, Switzerland, UK, USA), as well as on both student and non-student populations. The original version of the test was published in 2019, and it was revised in 2021.

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