The futures consciousness concept and scale were developed by researchers at Finland Futures Research Centre (University of Turku) and University of Geneva with help from other contributors.

The journey of the futures consciousness scale began when Sanna Ahvenharju, Matti Minkkinen and Titta Tapiola, from Finland Futures Research Centre, met at a post-graduate futures studies course, organised by the Finland Futures Academy, where the tasks included writing an article together. Sanna had come up with the idea of measuring futures consciousness because she was interested in examining futures consciousness of influencers in the context of promoting sustainable consumption. Enrico Wensing, from the University of Columbia, was acting as a tutor on the course, and he connected the Finns with Fanny Lalot, a social psychologist, at the time working at the University of Geneva.

The project quickly grew into much more than a single article for a post-graduate course. Many intense debates, and various drafts over a couple of years eventually led to an agreement on the content and presentation of the five-dimensional model of futures consciousness and the approach on how to measure them. Alain Quiamzade, from the University of Geneva, provided vital help in deepening the psychological understanding of the five futures consciousness dimensions as dispositions and abilities.

Our futures consciousness scale is intended to contribute to the ongoing development of measuring and improving futures consciousness across societies. If you are interested in being part of this work, please get in touch with the research team!


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