We charge all users a database management fee. These fees apply from the beginning of January 2024. There are three categories:

  • Basic user fee is 150 € per year. The basic user is entitled to create a maximum of five test groups or gather the maximum of 150 responses. We try to follow a fair usage policy, so there is some flexibility to these limits. When the basic user wishes to extend the quota, they become power users.
  • Students receive a 50 % discount of the basic user fee for their own student research projects.
  • Power users fees are negotiated individually. The amount depends on the number of tests and the purpose the test is used for. We offer generous discounts to students and research projects.

These prices are valid for now. We reserve the right to adjust them in the future.

Contact us through the registration form and select your user type (basic, student basic or power user). In case of power users we will contact you about the fees. Do note that adjustments to the functioning of the FC Test Tool can be made if your project has specific needs and resources to compensate reasonable costs.

This site and our research on futures consciousness has been a passion project with little funds. The funds from the management fees enable the maintenance and further development of this service. Hence we ask all those who would be using this test for-profit purposes to sign in as power users.