Test Taker Qs

6. I have been asked a question I do not feel comfortable with, can I report the question? If so how?

Please send an email to fcprofile@utu.fi to contact a site administrator who will review your report within 1-7 working days.

5. I have a low result in X, what should I do to develop that dimension?

When you receive your test results, an example exercise is included for the development of each dimension. Taking time to explore that exercise in detail and reflect on the process is advisable. There are also numerous books available that delve deeper into the significance of each of the dimensions, ask your local librarian to help you find out more. Alternatively, your test coordinator may be more than willing to suggest readings, courses or activities with which you may engage.

4. What result would be considered high and what result would be considered low?

It should be noted that in self reported testing, all test results are specific to each individual test taker only and can only be compared to others in aggregate. A higher score for one person may not necessarily mean that they have a higher futures consciousness when directly compared to another person with a lower score. It is generally more useful for an individual to use the results as a way of reflecting critically on one’s own way of thinking and behaving. With this in mind, a score of four or more is generally exhibited by advanced users of futures thinking, either in their profession or as a major aspect of their day-to-day thinking. A score of around two would be sign that that dimension of futures consciousness would benefit from practice and exercise.

3. How can I save my results?

After you have completed the survey, you will have the option to print / download your results.

2. Do I need to keep a record of my password/personal key somewhere?

When you are asked to complete the FC survey, you will be asked to input a group key. You will only need to do this one time. The key will be provided by your test coordinator alongside the URL of the test site.

1. How will my test data be used? Will my test data be anonymous? Who can see my data?

In brief, data collected through the survey tool will only be used in aggregate for research purposes, it will not be sold to third parties and cannot be used to identify individual respondents. For more information see the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.